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Option 1 – Developmental Assessment

Clarification of Concerns

Completion of history questionnaire

Parental meeting

Developmental Assessment

Observation of child in home and nursery context

Developmental assessment

Feedback and Planning

Meeting with parents and nursery staff

Summary Report

Circulation of summary report

Option 2 - Assessment for School Entry

Information Gathering

Discussion with parent(s) regarding requirements

Review of school guidance

Completion of history questionnaire

Developmental Assessment

Observation of child (if appropriate)

Developmental Assessment in accordance with school requirements


Meeting with parents to discuss results and report

Final report circulated to parents

Option 3 – Additional Services

Modelling of Interventions

Nursery visit to demonstrate approaches

Ongoing Involvement, which could include:

Liaison with other involved professionals

Further observations

Attendance at Review meetings to discuss progress and to identify next steps

Further Parental Support

Meetings by telephone or in person

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